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M9341B Digital and Analog I/O

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M9341B Digital and Analog I/O

M9341B Digital and Analog I/OThe Keysight M9341B PXIe Digital and Analog I/O is equipped with a 24-bit digital I/O connector and an 8-bit digital interface to allow users to control the device under test (DUT) directly with serial or parallel digital signals.


  • 8-bit digital I/O for controlling DUT operation mode with serial/parallel signals
  • 24-bit digital I/O for communication for the PXI VNA with external peripherals (i.e. handler)
  • Synchronized DC measurements with the PXI VNA. Two DC source outputs (up to ±10 V) with current monitor functions and four DC source inputs for sensing DC voltages from the DUT.
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